Unmatched Experience

Interstate Logos was formed in June of 1988 to pursue contracts for Logo Signing Programs with States and Transportation Agencies. Today, we are the largest provider of Logo Signing and Tourist-Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) Programs in the country.

Our family of companies currently operation 23 State Transportation Agency Statewide Logo Signing Programs, 4 Turnpike/Toll Authority Logo Signing Programs, 3 local municipality Logo Signing Programs in Virginia, 14 State Transportation Agency Statewide TODS Progams, Provincewide Logo Signing and TODS Progams for Ontario, Canada, and Missouri's Statewide Traffic Generator Signing Program.

We also manage an in-house construction division, as well as a business logo fabrication facility that is the largest fabricator of business logos in the country.

23 Statewide Logo Signing Programs 4 Turnpike/Toll Authority Logos Signing Programs 3 Local Municipality Logo Signing Programs in Virginia
14 Statewide TODS Programs Provincewide Logo Signing and TODS Programs for Ontario, Canada and MISSOURI'S Statewide Traffic Generator Signing Program

Complete Turn-Key Operations

Interstate Logos will work to provide the highest quality signing program for the traveling public, as timely as possible, delivering efficient and consistently fair service to the qualified customer base while always striving to maintain a safe environment along the roadway system. We offer a complete “turn-key” approach where we are responsible for all management, administration, marketing, and operational needs for each of our signing programs. The foundation of our approach is built on the cornerstones of Exceptional Safety Measures, Efficiency and Innovation through Technology, Superior Customer Service, and our Commitment to Quality.

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As is the case with States and Transportation Agencies, the safety of our staff, our field crews, our subcontractors, and for the traveling public is always our top priority. We have a dedicated Safety Director to ensure that we remain current and compliant with safety regulations, and we provide comprehensive initial and ongoing safety training.
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We have developed custom asset management systems that integrate all of the data from our signing programs and uses geospatial-based tools to allow the necessary tracking of potential customer and participant requests, compliance verifications, sign structure details, work completed, and inspections to allow us to administer our signing programs efficiently. We also provide the States and Transportation Agencies access to the data from our signing programs through secure interactive dashboards, as well as providing the opportunity to layer our data with data from additional GIS sources. Additionally, we provide free travel apps to further promote our signing programs.
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Our approach to customer service is simply to continue to strive to always go above and beyond the expectations of the 3 groups of customers we serve, the States and Transportation Agencies to whom we report, the participants in our signing programs, and, ultimately, the motorists who travel the roadways in the states we operate.
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By establishing detailed workflow processes and quantifiable performance measures for the tasks associated with managing and administering our signing programs, we are able to track the progress of each project, including response and resolution timeliness, to ensure we continue to meet the expectations of the States, the Transportation Agencies, and the participants.

Proven Record of Success

Interstate Logos subsidiaries have individual contracts with over 41,000 participants throughout our operations displaying more than 135,000 mainline, ramp, and trailblazer business, logos and 14,000 TODS panels.

Since June of 1988, our family of companies, as prime contractors, have been ultimately responsible for overseeing our subcontractors in the construction, replacement, refurbishment, or modification of more than 42,000 mainline, ramp, and tralblazer logo sign structures and more than 10,000 TODS structures.

Interstate Logos has invested more than $260 million in the infrastructure of the signing programs we administer, and we have returned more than $450 million to the respective States and Transportation Agencies.

34+ Years 42,000+ Logos
41,000+ Participants 10,000+ TODS Structures
135,000+ Business Logos $260+ Million Infrastructure Investment
14,000+ TODS Panels $450+ Million Returned to states and transportation agencies

Agile and Innovative Industry Leader

Since Interstate Logos was awarded our first signing contract in Nebraska in 1988, we have continually adapted and taken a pro-active approach to improve and enhance the projects with which we are involved by INFUSING INNOVATION in our management, administrative, marketing, and operational processes, PROVIDING SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, and CONTROLLING COSTS.

We continue to be the industry pioneer, having developed the FIRST:

Comprehensive Asset Management
Comprehensive asset management system to house all data about participants and structures for our signing programs.
Remote Access
Remote access to the data from our signing programs for the States and Transportation Agencies.
Interactive Signing Program
Interactive signing program websites with structure mapping capability.
Expansion of Logo Signing Programs into "urbanized" areas.
Implement Roll-Over
Implementation of "roll-over" to utilize available space on multiple logo sign structures for up to a maximum of 12 business logos of a single service.
Pricing Structure
Logo Signing Program pricing structure utilizing multiple participation fees based on specified zones within a State.
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Logo Signing Program pricing structure utilizing multiple participation fees based on the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) count at eligible interchanges.
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Revenue generation from our signing programs for the States and Transportation Agencies.